3 Mind & Body Stress Balls – AROMATHERAPY & POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS to relieve Anxiety & stay in a great mood all day! Hand Therapy & Finger Strengthening exercise included. The Perfect stress relief & Anxiety toy for kids in School

Envision Stress balls are designed to target stress not only at a physical level but designed to massage your senses and direct you into a great state of mind. Each ball has its own theme to keep you in a beautiful state of mind. Blue – Positivity Green – Gratitude purple – Mindfulness. The three most proven ways to reduce stress and live a happy life. Each theme is accompanied by simple yet powerful words to remind you to stay in a great state. Each ball also has its own fragrance for that aromatherapy relaxation. Blue – Lemon Green – rosemary Purple – Jasmine. Each ball differs in size for different hand types and each have a different level of resistance Green- Hard Blue – Medium Purple – Soft. If you are serious about reducing stress this is the product for you. If you have any issues with your order or any questions you would like answered please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our very best to resolve the matter ASAP.

Product Features

  • THE PERFECT STRESS BALL – If you are serious about reducing stress & anxiety then our stress balls are for you. Embody mindfulness, gratitude & Positivity the three most proven ways to live a happy & fulfilled life. With simple yet powerful word around each ball to remind you stay in a great mood all day!
  • MASSAGE YOUR SENSES – All three stress balls have a Lycra Coating for a smooth texture, Aromatherapy for deep sense relaxation. Lemon (Blue) Jasmine (Purple) Rosemary(green) Aromas which have been proven to reduce anxiety, stress and promote a happy mood .Relaxing Soft Gel Feeling made from high quality TPR Gel makes our stress toys great to squeeze squish or bounce
  • DIFFERENT STRENGTHS, SIZES & AROMAS- Each stress relief toy has its own level of firmness to suit each mood. Soft-medium- hard. Act great as AIR FRESHENERS, keep one at work, in the car or at home, infused with relaxing aromas while keeping you positive and grateful. Teachers love them for the School kids
  • HAND THERAPY FINGER & MUSCLE STRENGTHENING – Improve hand mobility and grip. Tackle repetitive strains, Carpal Tunnel, tendinitis. FREE hand exercise program included.
  • 10% OF ALL PROFITS GO TO EDUCATIONAL CHARITY. FREE STRESS E-BOOK! – If you are serious about reducing stress then this is the product for you. Reminding you to stay in the present moment, grateful, and positive, these stress balls will increase your quality of life. Click BUY NOW to begin your journey. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!

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