CherryActive Active Edge Capsules 60 capsules

CherryActive is one of the products from the leading natural nutrition company, Active Edge. At the heart of our brand is a commitment to providing the highest quality products we can. We call it ‘the extra mile’.
Our special powder is packed into vegetarian/vegan, easy-to-swallow capsule shells. Active Edge products are taken by health conscious and active consumers, including top professional athletes and sports teams, all of whom appreciate the benefits of our unique approach and dedication to quality.

Product Features

  • CherryActive is the original brand of Montmorency cherry capsules, since 2006. CherryActive is a brand of Active Edge, which delivers high quality nutritional supplements to health-conscious and active consumers, including top athletes and sport teams.
  • CherryActive Capsules contain a unique, 100% pure, freeze-dried Montmorency cherry powder with no added anti-caking, filling or other additives. Packed into 100% vegetarian, easy-to-swallow capsules.
  • Our Montmorency cherries are specially processed to remove sugars and moisture, creating a low calorie (2 cals per cap), nutrient-rich skin. The skins are freeze dried to protect their goodness and then ground to an ultra fine powder, to aid absorption.
  • CherryActive Montmorency cherry powder is the highest grade on the market – outclassing cheaper competitor products, which are often made from inferior “10:1 juice extract” powders mixed with maltodextrin.
  • Montmorency cherries have been the subject of a number of research studies, showing they have a benefit to gout and arthritis sufferers, an aid to better sleep quality and helping speed muscle recovery after sport and exercise.

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