Kuangmi 5pcs Sports Simple-style Finger Sleeve Protector Elastic Finger Guard Bands Wraps for Basketball Volleyball Baseball Badminton Tennis (Black)

Packing:5 Pieces

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Design Features:
The finger glove is made from high-quality imported fabric,which is durable and elastic

★It helps preventing fingers from injury and sprain
★It provides professional and specific protection to fingers

Brand Introduction:
Kuangmi is a professional sport brand founded on the belief of healthy movement.It has been focusing on fitness equipment,movement brace,and other sport products for years.Every Kuangmi product is made by professional design, innovative and unique technology,and high quality materials.The goal of the company is to help you protect your joint and muscles from injury and prevent your body from second-hurt,to help you exercise better with good shaping during busy work.

Brand Objectives:
Life lies in movement,our aim is to make your movement healthier

Product Features

  • ✅FUNCTION – Supports the fingers when playing sports
  • ✅FEATURES – Breathable,comfortable,compression,simple and practical
  • ✅EFFECT – Aids in relieving Arthritis
  • ✅MATERIAL- Made from Spandex and Nylon
  • ✅SEASONS AND CROWDS – Suitable for daily uses,Tennis, Badminton and other sports/Unisex for men and women

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