AOGETYO Egg Shaped Grip Ball Hand Strengthener Exercise Ball Squeeze Foam Ball Relieve Stress for Hand Finger Wrist Arthritis Therapy

AOGETYO Hand Exercise Balls is great for stretching fingers afterworking on the computer, video Games, or musical instrument for a while,preventing arthritis pain or simply to relieve stress. It is also ideal for stroke patients to train finger flexibility with some simple exercise.

Whychoose AOGETYO Hand Grip Ball?

Egg shaped grip ball is a lot better than a roundball. 

Wonderful hand exerciser for people who often do typing,driving, writing, climbing job for long time, also workable and benefited forstroke rehab patient

Relieve daily stress and strengthen yourhands, forearms and fingers with simple exercise

Increase flexibility, improve strength, prevent stiffness, and relieve joint pain in your hand, wrist, and forearm. 

This finger therapy balls also can help prevent mousehand and reduces anxiety and increases blood flow and circulation throughoutyour hands, arms and fingers.

Fit for men, women and children.


1x Hand Grip Ball

Product Features

  • Works as a hand therapy ball to rebuild hand strength and finger flexibility. Perfect for exercise rehabilitation of all fingers, Carpal Tunnel surgery therapy, relieve stress and hand cramps.
  • The grip ball is ideal for people who has arthritis in hands or trigger finger. It is also a great way to strengthen your grip and work off nervous energy. Provides basic grip training for rehabbing hands
  • The size is perfect for most of hands, roughly the size of a real large egg, not too big or too small. Fit nicely in your palm.
  • The shape is designed ergonomically- the egg shape fits more naturally in the hand than a round shape ball. Size: 6CM diameter and 8.5CM length.
  • Made of quality foam, lightweight. Come with a strap ( can be removed), easy to carry. Allow you to exercise your hands and fingers anytime anywhere.

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