Prohands Gripmaster Medical Hand Exerciser Heavy Strength – Rehabilitation, Hand Strengthener, Improves Grip, Exercise, Improves Digit Function, Aids Arthritis, Helps Stability, Finger Strength and Dexterity, Sports, Golf, Tennis, Rock Climbing

What is the Gripmaster Medical Hand Exerciser – Heavy Strength?

The Gripmaster heavy strength medical hand exerciser is a pharmaceutical grade exercise tool for use in the rehabilitation of arthritis and for improved grip relating to sports. The medical grade hand exerciser isolates each finger to apply specified pressure to each digit which can assist in the building of muscular strength. Arthritis sufferers will notice improved digit function and strength without agonizing the debilitating condition further.

How does it work?

The Gripmaster features single digit strengtheners which are designed for rehabilitation exercises during the treatment of arthritis. A removable palm bar and closed base plate allow for improved stability and precision during use. This enables the user to perform a variety of exercises which can improve finger strength and dexterity. Sports enthusiasts such as golfers, rock climbers and even musicians can also benefit from the finger strengthening assistance of the Gripmaster Medical. The Gripmaster medical heavy strength has a pressure rating of 7 lbs/3.2kgs.

Product Features

  • REHAB: Lower tension resistance levels. Ideal for use during rehabilitation of arm & hand conditions
  • AC: Use for rehab of fractured fingers and AcromioClavicular (AC) joint injuries
  • STRENGTHEN: Muscular damage in the forearm and upper arm. Allows to strengthen fingers individually
  • CONTROL: Encourages improved hand control in many sports
  • ERGONOMIC: Features a larger palm bar for increased comfort and better ergonomics

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