Multi-function professional 5.9 in 1 LUFU bottle opener. Being effort-saving, safe and efficient in bottle opening, Comfortable beautiful non-slip handle with rubber coating. (Coffee)

Multi-function LUFU bottle opener
A bottle opener is an indispensable tool for each family, kitchen or restaurant.
A versatile high-quality bottle opener can replace many of your kitchen utensils and reduce a lot of economic waste..
LUFU multi-function bottle opener with excellent performance is solid, exquisite and safe, which is undoubtedly your best choice.

Product Features

  • 【Multi-purpose】The strong and reliable structure is able to quickly open beer bottles or canned food covers, open different sizes of bottled beverage lids effortlessly, and tear or pry canned food ring-pulls easily, which is a powerful tool for your family or restaurant.
  • 【Gorgeous structure】The ergonomically designed, exquisite and curved non-slip handle with rubber coating brings more comfortable hand feeling. The rubber ring makes each bottle opening more stable with better performance.
  • 【Portable】It is a durable, small and exquisite restaurant tool with no obvious sharp corners, so you may place it in your pocket or anywhere in the restaurant. Besides, it can also help when you go camping and having dinner in the wild.
  • 【Safe】The unique LUFU six-in-one can opener design is easy to use and suitable for children and the aged suffering from arthritis or left-handers.
  • 【Packaging】A bottle opener is indispensable for each family or kitchen. The small and exquisite multi-function LUFU bottle opener adopts high-quality and gorgeous packaging materials to better protect the product, which is an ideal gift for all occasions.

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2X PEDIMEND Super Elastic Fabric with Soft Flexible Gel Pad Toe Protection Socks – For Bunions Pain Relief, Blisters, Gout, Arthritis, Prevent Injury – Professional Toe Protector Cushion – Ballet Dance Sock Prevent Slippage

About the Product:
The Surgical Padded Bunion Guard Compression Sleeve is an elasticised fabric bunion protector that gives immediate relief by constantly massaging the bunion. It also gives special protection to painful bunions inside shoes. It is small in size and is designed to pull over the big toe, ensuring proper positioning and minimizing movement inside the shoe. This comfy padded compression sleeve adds cushioning that protects sore metatarsals (the ball of foot) and fits right in your shoe. Stretches to fit a range of several foot sizes. Do not use over open wounds. Diabetics and those with poor blood circulation should seek medical advice from a doctor before using this product.

* Double super elastic fabric with soft flexible gel pad to protect bunion by absorbing shocks and shear forces.
* Fit over foot and most shoes, to relieve bunion pressure and pain.
* The ultra thin lightweight foot sleeve features a strategically placed gel pad which helps relieve bunion pressure and pain.
* Toe sleeve secures over the big toe and around the foot to prevent slidding.
* Fits comfortably inside shoes. Interchangable for wear on Left or Right foot.
* Durable / Washable / Reusable.
* One Size Fits All.

How To Use It:
* Apply to clean and dry foot.
* Position pad so that it is comfortably placed around the heel area.
* Remove the cushion at least 3 to 4 hours daily to allow the skin to breathe.
* Hand washing with mild soap, then rinse thoroughly with water.
* Natural air drying, then using with talcum powder is more comfortable. (Do not expose it to the blazing sun, do not drying)
* The life of the product is affected by using, and activity level.

Product Features

  • COMPOSITION: Double super elastic fabric with 3mm-thick soft flexible gel pad to protect bunions by absorbing shock and shear forces.
  • HOW IT HELPS: Absorbs pressure and eases pain on sore bunion joint. Fit overfoot and most shoes, to relieve bunion pressure and pain. Lightweight foot sleeve features a strategically placed gel pad, which helps relieve bunion pressure and pain.
  • FITS EASILY: Over your foot providing superior cushioning that won’t slip as you move. Fits on either left or right foot to provide soothing cushioning and protection. Toe sleeve secures over the big toe and around the foot to prevent sliding.
  • PROFESSIONAL CHOICE: The Toe Protector absorbs pressure and perfectly hugs the contour of the asymmetric toe area by using its 3mm-thick soft flexible gel pad.
  • IDEAL FOR: Bunion Aid, toe separator and protector. Help to reduce pressure and friction on big toe area. Relieve pain brought by new high heel shoes and brings comfy feel.

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Vital Physio Infrared HEAT Magnetic Back Support LARGE Lumbar Brace Belt Double Pull Strap Lower Pain Professional Orthopaedic Strong Neoprene Compression Therapy Black

The Infrared Magnetic Back Support is the ultimate back pain support and rehabilitation device during therapy and after back surgery. The evenly spread Infrared magnets in front and back of brace help to improve blood circulation and provide therapeutic warmth, so that you would really FEEL the heat especially when you are on the move. This heating effect will also last approx 1 hour after wearing. This Infrared Magnetic Support is the only support on market that is developed with Sports and Therapy in mind. Whilst the brace has a strong compression support to limit back pain, it also encourages extra toning during movement and exercise. This back support range is made with the highest quality Double Pull Pulley system covered with stretch nylon to provide best comfort and compression on your waist. When can I use it? · Ideal for rehabilitation after surgery or during treatment · Ideal for wearing in any sporting activities or during housework · Can be worn under garment for discreet control · Provides support, compression and relief during work activities require repetitive action How does it work? Magnetic Therapy By the use of static Magnets placed on our body, the iron in our blood is attracted to the magnetic field of the support, this causes movement within the blood stream and increased activity causes the blood flow to improve. With improved blood flow to the target area, it increases the oxygen, nutrients and hormones in the area and in turn help injury to heal much faster and reduce pain much more effectively. Far Infrared Rays Far Infrared is the invisible band of energy that is part of the sun’s spectrum. The Infrared Magnetic beads inserted in this brace has been designed to produce same frequency. When Far Infrared Rays (FIR)penetrate the skin, the come into contact with proteins, collage, fats and water molecules. By stimulating microvibrations FIR cause thermal reaction which elevates tissue temperatures and heating effect.

Product Features

  • 3 in 1 Natural Heat Therapy – Waist Size (34″-40″) Large. Available in 4 sizes, please check our storefront for other sizes
  • 3 Healing properties, 22 powerful neodymium magnets
  • Far Infrared Rays
  • Negative ion
  • Bio-electricity

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Elite99 Professional Durable Stainless Steel Extra Sharp Nail Clippers Nail Cutters Perfect Nail Care Trim Fingernail & Toenail Easy Grip Manicure Pedicure

Exclusive Brand:Elite99

Item Included: 1 x Nail Clipper


Material: Stainless Steel

Colour: Sliver


Sharp, perfectly aligned blades. Precision cutting blades easily cuts through nails.

Designed to cut thick and/or larger nails wide opening mouth.

Long stable levers deliver maximum torque to easily cut the thickest nails.

Simple shape & balanced weight provide an ease of operation even for weaker hands.

Warning: To be used under the direct supervision of an adult

Product Features

  • Exclusive Brand: Elite99. Item Included: 1 x Nail Clipper
  • SHARP AND STURDY: Professional high qulity stainless steel blades trim your nails precisely and cleanly, even without much pressure
  • Precise cutting with perfectly aligned blades supports healthy toenail, fingernail and cuticle growth
  • Easy to use, even for those who suffer from weakness in their hands and conditions like arthritis
  • Suitable for professional salon use or home use

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Clyppi Nail Clipper Set For Well Groomed Men & Stylish Ladies | Perfect Nail Care Gift Set For Men & Women | Best Nail Clippers to Trim your Finger Nails & Toe Nails | Extra Sharp Easy Grip Fingernail Clippers & Toenail Clippers | Professional Deluxe Stainless Steel Nail Cutters

Warning: Your Family & Friends May Try To Steal Your CLYPPI Nail Clippers!Why?

Because your CLYPPIs are:

•modern & stylish
• sturdy & a good weight
• ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into your hand
• not slippery due to the matte, brushed steel finish
•easy to use – the lever presses down with no effort (even for kids & those with Arthritis)

Or maybe it is the way your CLYPPIs cut cleanly every time without cracking, splitting or tearing your nails. They probably love the way this:

• gives you a professional looking manicure or pedicure
• removes the need for filing
• eliminates the risk of infection (suitable for Diabetics)

Beware! Leave your CLYPPIs unattended at your peril!

Your friends & family may not be able to keep their hands off. THEIR nail clipper probably looks cheap & nasty. It may have chrome plating which is chipping off. The thumb lever may be loose. Even worse, THEIR clipper cuts their nails badly.

YOUR CLYPPIs will look good for ever because they:

• are made of high quality Stainless Steel
•have a matte, brushed steel finish
• nothing has been added which could peel or fall off.

They will easily & consistently cut your nails cleanly & precisely – resulting in nails you can be proud of.

Your CLYPPIs come with a full LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

To order your CLYPPI set click the Add to Cart button above.

And once it is YOURS, remember to keep it safe 😉

Product Features

  • Click on the tab above to see the CLYPPI NAIL CLIPPER SET (without case).
  • Clyppi Nail Clippers are ergonomically designed to suit the shape of your hand so that they feel COMFORTABLE TO HOLD and are super EASY TO USE – even for those who suffer from weakness in their hands and conditions like arthritis. Our customers tell us so!
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Nail Clippers with a long lasting, premium quality brushed steel finish – they WILL NOT SLIP out of your hands when wet.
  • Will cut your fingernails CLEANLY and PRECISELY so that you do not end up with ugly cracked, split or torn nails – we hear over and over again from delighted Clyppi owners that it is the SHARPEST nail clipper they have ever used.
  • There is a handy nail file integrated into the lever of these nail cutters. The Clyppi Fingernail Clipper is 2.6 inches long and the Clyppi Toenail Clipper is 3.4 inches.

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Professional Sports Finger Splint Guard Protector for Adults & Children and Suitable for All Sports(Adustable,Silicone,2pcs)

Protection effect:

Fingers will not be straight back after the bend, to avoid finger sprain! Wear finger guard, you can continue to play, and can promote the recovery of fingers.
It is suitable for all fingers except the thumb, it can also protect the fingers of the first joint and the second joint at the same time!
The product uses the fulcrum support patent structure of the original can be bent freely, does not affect the finger movement, does not affect the shooting and dribbling
It can well fit the finger, two dimensions, can be well adapted to different thickness of the fingers.

Package: 2 sizes finger splints(1 pack = 2 pcs)

Material: silicone

Product Features

  • 2017 New Design,Silicone Material! Super Flexible, The Effect Is Very Good
  • Protects fingers,Long-lasting, durable,1 pack 2 sizes to fit adults and children
  • Works for all sports; safe and comfortable to wear; extremely lightweight,High-impact resistance and NO interference

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Structure Fitness ® Set of 2 Adjustable Professional Wrist Support Wristband Straps Bandage Wrap for Gym, Sport, Fitness, Lifting, Injury, Sprains, Strains, Rehabilitation, Repetitive Strain, Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel

EXCLUSIVE TO E BARGAINS UK – The Structure Fitness ® Set of 2 Adjustable Professional Wrist Support Straps are perfect for giving your wrist extra support. High quality thick and flexable elastic material for added support and comfort. Extra wide velcro strap with Elastic thumb loop and extended length velcro closure. One size fits all – Washable – Polyester fiber and rubber material. DIMENSIONS – L33cm x W8cm / L13′ x W3′ (approx).

Product Features

  • EXCLUSIVE TO E BARGAINS UK – The Structure Fitness ® Set of 2 Adjustable Professional Wrist Support Straps are perfect for giving your wrist extra support when its needed. Ideal for use in the Gym, Lifting Weights, Training and Playing Sports, or to aid recovery from Injury and Musculoskeletal conditions like Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or any other Sprain and Strain in the Hands or Wrists.
  • High quality thick and flexable elastic material for added support and comfort
  • Extra wide velcro strap with Elastic thumb loop and extended length velcro closure
  • One size fits all – Washable – Polyester fiber and rubber material
  • DIMENSIONS – L33cm x W8cm / L13′ x W3′ (approx)

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