MedicHelp Trigger Finger and Hand Immobilizer Splint for Thumb, Wrist and Palm | Brace for Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, Arthritis, Soft Tissue Injuries | Breathable Fabric with Strong Velcro | CE mark

Enjoy Unparalleled Comfort & Rapid Pain Alleviation With A MedicHelp Wrist & Finger Splint Brace!

Fed up with …

… all those motion restricting hand braces?

… bulky finger braces?

… ineffective pain relieftreatments?

… finger splints not fitting well?

Get yourself a MedicHelp finger and palm splint and find your peace of mind again.

Protect your precious fingers, fortify your hands and minimize the chances of injury. We’ve got you covered.

One Size Fits All!

One of the greatest things about this hand splint brace besides its breathable fabric and comfy fit,is its adjustable nature.

Ideal for all.Men, women and teens! Adjust the size via the metal bar to ensure a supportive and snug fit. Works perfect for your left and right hand. Provides support and pain alleviation to both your outer and inner fingers (thumb and pinky).

1 finger splint brace so many uses!

When you are done using, toss it in the washing machine and let it do the rest.

Eliminate acute pain, get back to your work without any restrictions, wear day or night, even when you sleep, calm inflammation, soothe swelling and tingling as well.

Strengthen your joints, experience less stiffness, stretch your tendon, reduce applied pressure and speed up the healing process.

If You Are Suffering From …

· Past hand injuries. Or just recovering from a surgery.

Then A MedicHelp Wrist & Finger Splint Brace Is The Way To Go!

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Product Features

  • COMFY & BREATHABLE HAND BRACE: Made of high quality and breathable fabrics, our wrist and finger splint is ready to withstand some heavy duty use. Put it on easily, minimize aches and pains and continue with your day like you would. Its compact, lightweight and discreet craftsmanship ensures comfy wearing all day long.
  • VELCRO THAT LAST (!): Let’s put it simply and straightforward, NO MORE MEDIOCRE QUALITY VELCRO! This Medichelp brace comes high quality and durable velcro that last, actually it’s comprised of three of them!
  • ADJUSTS TO YOUR NEED:This medical thumb splint brace is carefully designed to accommodate even your most demanding needs. Its ergonomic metal bar facilitates wearing to the fullest. Adjust the size to your needs and enjoy endless comfort. Ideal for both right and left hands. Wear on the outside finger and palm or the inside.
  • STABILIZE YOUR FINGERS: Besides soothing hand pains and discomfort, this resting wrist splint brace can help you immobilize and stabilize your finger joints. Ideal for those suffering from sprained knuckles or even have fractured fingers, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis and more. Use for post operative care and rehabilitation as well.
  • CASH-BACK GUARANTEE – We struggle after 100% customer satisfaction always. That’s why if you don’t like our product we offer you Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

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Hand Massager For Arthritis, Forearm Massager And Tennis Elbow Massager, Deep Tissue Massager And Trigger Point Roller For Myofascial Release, Carpal Tunnel Wrist Massager, Arm Massager by Roleo

Unlike other hand massage tools out there, Roleo Arm Massager provides the tension you need COMPLETELY Hands-Free. Other hand massagers in the market won’t work without one hand holding the unit or squeezing the handles. But with the Roleo hand massager, you could be holding a cup of coffee or reading a good book with one hand while the unit does its job effectively on the other.

Should it hurt? Roleo also works as wrist massager for carpal tunnel. It replicates the action of various massage techniques known to be painful to a certain extent. The good level of pain is necessary for the device to address the painful muscles of your forearm, wrists and hands. If your condition is mild, you are likely to find this massager for hand pain pleasurable like foam rolling your arm.

Start off with low-level of pressure for a few minutes; slowly build it up. Wear a long-sleeved sweatshirt for extra cushioning.

Intended for hand and wrist issues – For people who have chronic, severe lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), tendonitis or carpal tunnel; for computer workers, writers, golfers, weightlifters, gardeners, guitar players and anyone with fingers and hand pain.

Made with adjustable knob – With a knob ergonomically placed on top of the hand and finger massager, your free hand can easily reach it when you need adjust pressure.

Made with rubber feet; includes 4 detachable suction cups – This myofascial massager stands steady on a counter, desk or table. Use the suction cups if you need more stability.

WARNING: DO NOT hold pressure on a sore spot or trigger point or wrist compression for more than 1.5 minutes at a time. Stop immediately if the pain is sharp and more than you can tolerate.

Product Features

  • CHEAPER THAN A MASSAGE – Deep tissue massager that replicates Japanese shiatsu, deep tissue and trigger point therapy massage techniques to promote normal blood circulation and relieve pain in the arms, hands, wrists and fingers
  • HANDS-FREE OPERATION – Unlike other massage tools that require you to use one hand to work the pressure on the other, Roleo is completely hands-free. Use this hand massage roller at your desk, while on the phone or reading
  • FITS ALL HAND SIZES – This forearm massager (self apply deep tissue technique) has an adjustable knob to tighten or loosen tension and fit small to large hands. First-time users may feel uncomfortable level of pain as they find the right amount of pressure
  • RELIEVES PAIN – Targets sore points; relaxes deeper layer of muscles to reduce chronic stress caused by arthritis, muscle soreness and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Roll your pain away with the deep tissue pain relief massager with trigger point therapy
  • COMPACT, NO POWER OR BATTERIES NEEDED – This Carpal Tunnel relief device is highly recommended by licensed massage therapists, chiropractors and regular users. This carpal tunnel massager comes with 4 suction cups for firm grip on flat, smooth surfaces

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