Thumb Support and NON SWEAT Protection, NEW PLASTIC Splint. Developed in association with surgeons and The London Harley Street Medical Centre. SPORTS COUNCIL compliant where a metal splint maybe prohibited. Non rash even on delicate skin. Unisex, ONE-SIZE fits all.

Combines UNIQUE NEW fabric technology and strong plastic splint replaces rigid metal splint. Complies with Sports Council regulations where use of metal splinting is prohibited.

Product Features

  • Safe during high impact sports i.e. squash, tennis, FC goalies. Ideal golfer, skiers, keyboard users & driving. Use to prevent painful thumb joint over-extension and to improve finger to thumb strength and grip. Supports thumb AND WRIST in a neutral position to encourage carpal tunnel alignment and alleviate repetitive strain/Carpal Tunnel pain. Allows full finger and importantly, some tip of thumb movement.
  • Ideal for daily activities i.e. keyboard use, driving, golf, tennis, gardening etc. Alleviates arthritic pain (Osteoarthritis), De Quervains Tenosynovitis, Dupuytren’s Contracture, Tendonitis, Ulnar Collateral ligament of the thumb, skier’s thumb, sprained, staved or broken thumb.
  • Interchangeable RIGHT or LEFT hand fit. Soft bound edges, multi-adjustable. Uses non scratch genuine Velcro® to deliver easy tension control at thumb/wrist and avoid cuff damage. Plastic stay X-Ray/airport security friendly and is held securely within the support. Does not need to be removed for laundering.
  • Made from fabulously comfortable exclusive NEW lightweight hypoallergenic fabric that does NOT SWEAT nor dull surface skin sensation in the way that Neoprene can.
  • Clinically tested & (UK) NHS Approved. Registered Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Class1 Medical Device. CE compliant and QUALITY MANUFACTURED TO EUROPEAN STANDARDS.

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