Thumb Support NON-SWEAT with Metal Stay – NHS APPROVED & referred by GP’s, recommended and used by surgeons in private healthcare. Exclusive NO RASH fabric technology. Can be worn safely on the most delicate skin. Unisex.

Why choose 4Dflex thumb splint support?

  • Made from a unique new breathable fabric, 4Dflex provides easy to wear non-rubber, no-sweat and no risk of itchy rash support.
  • Medical advice assisted in development to gain the correct angle and most effective position for the thumb to be supported.
  • An aluminium splint supports the thumb joint to avoid unwanted movement and help alleviate pain.
  • The aluminium splint bends to the desired angle according to condition being treated.
  • Fully adjustable wristband and thumb loop provides a ONE-size, right or left hand custom fit.
  • Discreet and so comfortable you can forget you’re wearing it.
  • Ideal for long-term wear.
  • Product Features

    • Fabulously comfortable, lightweight, hypoallergenic – NOT NEOPRENE – non-sweat, no-rash even on delicate skin. Developed exclusively for 4Dflexisport. Does not dull surface skin as Neoprene can. Odourless.
    • Reversible RIGHT or LEFT hand fit. Soft edges, multi-adjustable, Non-scratch genuine Velcro®, easy tension control at thumb & wrist. Light bendable aluminium stay shapes according to condition.
    • Supports thumb & wrist in a neutral position to treat thumb joint and carpal tunnel pain. Use to prevent painful joint over-extension & improve finger to thumb strength & grip. Allows full finger & importantly, some tip of thumb movement.
    • Ideal for post-surgery use & daily activities i.e. keyboard use, driving, golf, tennis, gardening etc. Alleviates arthritic pain (Osteoarthritis), De Quervains Tenosynovitis, Dupuytren’s Contracture, Tendonitis, Ulnar Collateral ligament of the thumb, skier’s thumb, sprained, staved or broken thumb.
    • Registered Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Class1 Medical Device. CE compliant. QUALITY MANUFACTURED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM.

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